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13-06a Neighborhood Watch #1 of 3

Freya invites her neighbors over for a neighborhood watch party.  Only one neighbor is not aware of her plans.  Hint:  It has a lot to do with breaking and entering, but we’re not talking about houses here!  Imagine his surprise when not only Freya, but also the guys in the room all start to take advantage of him!  First Freya gets him undressed and in restraints.  Then the other men take off their clothes and Freya and Kitten give their dicks a good rub to make them nice and hard.  Then it’s down the hall to the dungeon, where our poor guy gets tied to the cross.  The Mistress slides a well lubed finger up his ass repeatedly and sucks his dick for a bit of variety.  Then she leads her “sissy slut” out of the dungeon.  Where are they going?  What will they do? Be sure to see part 2!



13-06b Neighborhood Watch #2 of 3

We find our new neighborhood watch trainee Glenn being broken in by none other than Watch Captain Freya. With the help of her assistant Sergeant Kitten and the two watch cadets Jason & Rembrandt, Glenn gets the full treatment. After being stripped naked and dress up like a blond slut, Freya calls the shots and orders Glenn to suck off her two studs. Obeying her orders is a must and Glenn waste no time in sucking their dicks. Kitten helps out by keeping things hot while Freya gets into her strap on. With her hard dick at the ready, Freya works her cock into Glenn's ass much to his pleasure. With a cock in his mouth and ass, will Glenn pass his training? Watch the next video and find out.......



13-06c Neighborhood Watch #3 of 3

 Double Cum

While Sissy Slut is getting his ass reamed by The Mistress, the boys are filling his mouth with more hard cock than he can cope with.  So Freya gives him a rest while she sucks their dicks and makes them good and hard.  Then Kitten gets into the action and has a go at all the hard dicks as well.  Freya strips all the way down and she and Sissy Slut do a fantastic 69 blow job and pussy licking.  Finally Freya jams a finger up his ass while she sucks his cock.  That does it!  Double cum from the Sissy Slut!  Way more fun than talking about petty theft! 



13-09a Bi Party 6-way!. Part 1 of 2

Freya has a slave that needs to be punished and she’s brought together 3 guys and one other girl to help her do it.  Or maybe they’re going to do HIM?  Hmmm – what’s the plan?  With naked men all around, Freya and Kitten can’t help themselves!  They start rubbing and sucking cocks as fast as they can!  Everybody’s naked and everybody’s hard!  It beginning to look like a party!  Donald Trunk pounds Freya from behind while Kitten works her oral skills on Jason. Then the girls trade places and it’s time for Freya to get some BBC.  Is Jason about to get a piece of Freya?  We’ll find out in the next video!



13-09b Bi Party 6-way!. Part 2 of 2

Bi Party 6-way 2 of 2        

Time for the slave to be forced to eat Freya’s pussy.  She sits on his face with her legs straddling his mouth.  While she’s getting licked by the slave, she’s giving Jason a good sucking as well.  And Kitten is giving a blowjob to Donald’s huge cock.  Look out!  Guys are about to cum!  What’s in store for the slave?!



14-04e Pain and Pleasure. Part 5 of 5

Slave must have pleased the Mistress, because she climbs all over him, rubbing his cock with her pussy from all directions.  Then she straps him to the bed by both arms and both legs.  What does she have in mind?  Look like a wonderful blowjob for the slave.  But don't cum until she says you can!  She lets the slave cum in her mouth, but does she swallow it?  No -- she has other plans for his yummy load!